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GVAdvisors makes sure the management of your investment portfolio is based on four key principles:

Independence and Transparency
We are an independent firm, working hand in hand with you with no conflict of interests. We are not tied to any financial institutions or fund managers. Because we are not in the business of selling products, we can offer investment advice aligned with your best interests, with complete independence and objectivity. Because the relationship with our clients is considered to be a long-term commitment, we offer full transparency on our fee structure.
Portfolio Diversification
GVAdvisors’ main objective is to create an investment portfolio that best responds to your needs. We nevertheless seek for a diversified portfolio across asset classes and fund managers to mitigate your risk.
Risk Management
Because we feel responsible for the various investment decisions you take, we make sure to constantly monitor the risk of your liquid and illiquid investments. This ongoing monitoring will mitigate the risk of over exposure to some sectors, regions or managers. The construction of your portfolio is driven by the risk you can tolerate rather than performance objectives.
Due Diligence
We select investment opportunities after a complete in-house due diligence process and a precise understanding of all the underlying risks involved.